Avenell Engineering Systems Limited (AES – “the Company”) is committed to the development of environmental protection in all aspects of our operation. This policy aims to provide and maintain the most effective environmental control procedures to ensure actions are taken to address significant environmental aspects while complying with all applicable legal, compliance obligations and requirements. AES will strive to do everything that is feasible to protect the environment.

Environmental respect is to be practiced by all employees to the maximum extent possible at all our facilities and project sites. This is of significant value to the environment, to the community, to the safety of our employees and to the continued success of our operations and customers’ satisfaction. Environmental awareness, including reduction of industrial and hazardous waste and the purchase of recycled products shall be priorities for all employees. No operation shall be undertaken or continued that could potentially harm the environment and all employees have the authority to cease any operations which poses an immediate threat to the environment.

All must work together to aggressively seek and implement environmental protection measures. Through the effective integrated management systems implementation, AES shall manage its environmental impact by:

  • Providing clear expectations to all personnel to engage and comply with the ISO 14001:2015 Standard – Environmental Management System and AES’ existing integrated management systems.
  • Take all reasonable steps to: ​
    • Minimise waste-to-landfill, effluent impacts, greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution by applying waste management principals;
    • Actively promote and encourage the adoption of ecologically sustainable work practice initiatives and programs within our organisation, suppliers and the general community using current technical knowledge;
    • Take into account change, including planned or new developments, new or modified activities, products and services including abnormal conditions and reasonably foreseeable emergency situations;
    • Further reduce our consumption of power, water and natural resources;
    • Employ environmental considerations in purchasing decisions and considering life cycle perspective and,
    • Communicate regularly with community groups and key stakeholders on environmental issues.
  • Identifying, reporting, investigating and resolving all environmental incidents and non-conformances with learned outcomes implemented and shared.
  • Maintaining, monitoring, reporting, reviewing, documenting, auditing and the continual improvement of the Environmental Management System. This includes providing suitable and sufficient resources to implement and maintain the System.
  • Meet all relevant legislative, regulatory requirements and environmental compliance obligations related to its environmental aspects.
  • Establish, develop, implement and review accurate measurable objectives to facilitate continual improvement of AES’ procedures thus minimizing or eliminating environmental impacts. Also realizing opportunities for environmentally positive contribution;
  • Educating, consulting and training people to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices. Rigorous examination of all activities, practices and incidents will identify environmental hazards, potential risks and opportunities for improvement thus ensuring that methods to eliminate or mitigate them are established.
  • Effectively implement this Policy through a process of consultation, communication, continual improvement and culture change and ensure it is available to all AES stakeholders.

This Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate.

Mr. Dominic Avenell-CEO                  Mr. Matthew Avenell-Director                Mr. Karthik Vajjala-GM